Brasil Various

Título Duración Acción
1.Day Tripper (Bossa Version) Tahta Menezes 4:15
2.Don't Stand So Close to Me (Bossa Version) Barbara Mendes 2:04
3.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Bossa Version) Lulu Joppert 5:15
4.Just Can't Get Enough (Bossa Version) Priscilla 4:45
5.She Loves You (Bossa Version) Monique Kessous 3:49
6.Never Gonna Give You Up (Bossa Version) Cláudia Rezende 3:22
7.Till There Was You (Bossa Version) Monique Kessous 2:43
8.Just in Time (Bossa Version) Bob Tostes 2:54
9.Sailing (Bossa Version) Cris 3:56
10.Lucky in the Sky With Diamonds (Bossa Version) Sàloa Farah 4:57
11.Simply the Best (Bossa Version) Cecilia 3:56
12.Unchained Melody (Bossa Version) Paulinho Loureiro 3:50
13.There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart) [Bossa Version] Daniela Procopio 3:44
14.Night and Day (Bossa Version) Cecilia Dale 3:32
15.Blue Suede Shoes (Bossa Version) João Suplicy 3:06
16.Your Song (Bossa Version) Marcelo Rezende 3:35